Thursday, April 3, 2014

NAPOWRIMO DAY 1 - Ekphrastic

A similar art work by Jeff Koons can be seen at the Whitney, future exhibitions. The difference is these are upright vacuums. These are some of Koon's earlier works. He now uses highly polished sculptures of shapes including balloon-like animal sculptures. -

Four Reasons

The Des Moines Art Center has a Jeff Koons
It is four wet vacs mounted two by two inside plexiglass.
Now I've taken many friends through this art museum.
These visits are insightful for they reveal each friends' emotions.
One friend saw a huge painting with a blue violet and an orange
square. Each square about 2' X 2 1/2 '. He looked
at it and then said in a strained louder-than-ususal voice
"I could do that".

Another friend calls Anish Kapoor's giant blocks of granite
'rocks that need to be moved'. One friend turned deep red
and blurted out "this is not art" when she saw a wall installation
of small twigs placed at the museum for a finite amount of time.
It's fun to see all these friends reactions -
especially what they see as not art and what is art.
Then it happened to me.

I was in the quiet south wing of the museum. surrounded
in grey cool walls. For a while I stared at an old favorite,
the John Chamberlain sculpture of a crumpled car front.
Then I turned my attention to the northern wall which
was in sunlight. There were four wet vac cannisters. high up.
New, mounted in plexiglass. At first I thought it was
a joke, but no, the wall identifier said it was a Jeff Koons
sculpture. That's when my face went warm with denial.
My friends were right - sometimes it's not art.

Patricia L. Johnson

Friday, March 21, 2014

Reread Last Year's Poems

I will be taking most of the 2013 poems off the blog in the next few months. I am submitting many of them to journals. Take a last look while they are still on the blog.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

About those 81 poems . . .

I ended up having 284 poems in 2013 - short of my goal, but not a bad number! In 2014 I will write more poems and finish the 2013 rough drafts, then submit to journals. Onward!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Poem for October 11 - Autumn Garden

Autumn Garden

August is the gardener of voices - starlings
geese, rustling leaves, and dusty winds.
Raking eliminates the leaf noises
while it fights away tangled plant remnants.
Every element shifts - the light, tree shadows,
the slowly ending flower blooms.
Chrysanthemums put on buds as do the asters.
More leaves fall until only tree silhouettes remain.

Patricia L. Johnson