Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NAPOWRIMO - Poem Day 3

From Day 3 poem Epithalamium on a Beach

Salty air - not much breeze - but lots of happy chatter.
The day was hot -so hot guests had martinis before the ceremony;
for someone said "don't ask for ice, just chilled straight up. No rocks.

Guests were barefoot. the minister joined the semi-melted guests
forty minutes late. But wearing shoes. The rest of us wet shirts, ties soaked,
dresses limp.

Happiness yes! Smiles on bride and groom. The groom read his vows
next the bride read hers holding hands and facing each other.
After the ceremony she confessed she was surprised she cried.

The two of you were perfect for each other - before the wedding,
before the beach - beautiful as it all unfolds. Before the bobbing
onlookers floating on rafts in the ocean.

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