Monday, December 31, 2012

Recipes for a Happy New Year

May 2013 be a wonderful year for all of us. Peace on earth and good will among all humans.

Here are some links to my favorite foodie sites with loads of healthy recipes. I hope you ring in your new year by trying some of these recipes. Enjoy the writing at these sites, it is poetic in its focus.

A Hungry Bear Won't Dance

Coconut and Quinoa

Mince and Type

tomatoes on the vine

One of my goals this year is to write three poems a day (drafts). I did five poems a day a few years ago. This discipline produces a lot of unusable material, some of which leaves me chuckling. It also allows my mind to focus, and frees up creativity. When that happens, I naturally get some good poem starts which are worth working into final versions. Wish me luck on this. You may want to try it yourself.

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