Friday, April 13, 2012

NAPOWRIMO Day 13 - ghazal

Lilac Scented Hair

The bud's understated, a harmless first scent of lilac.
Husbands and wives breathe the lilac-filled air.

Passersby swoon, intoxicated on petals.
Lilac is pungent, you want more in the air.

Temperatures reach eighty-five - summer's here.
The scent of pure lilac lasts weeks in the air.

Her hair's effused with undertones of desire.
Damp hair dries fast - lilac works with heat in the air.

Lovers hold hands, his face buried in her hair.
Hair is a lilac garden suspended in air.

She cares about him, he breathes hints of her care.
Some lilac-filled scents never reach plein air.

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  1. Nice! I really get the scent here. Sensory (and sensual, too, of course).


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