Thursday, April 12, 2012

NAPOWRIMO Day 12 - Homophonic Translation

trans. from the poem Disco de Rubies by Federico Garcia Lorca

Disk Ode Rubies

Gear ah; see stream meca.
Come all oh, co.
Nose abe nay day.
hay; lose abe to do?
To days lays flee chase
aheee stay core as on
red on do!

Today slays pup ee loss
hay stay Cora son
red on do.
!Lou pass angry into in tree.
Elm is stereo
Eeeeee nose oat rose!

Here is Lorca's orignal poem:

Disco de rubies

Gira y se stremeca
como loco.
No sabe nada.
?y lo sabe todo?
!Todas las flechas
a este corazon

Todas las pupilas
a este corazon
!Lupa sangrienta entre
el misterio
y nosotros!

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