Saturday, October 13, 2012

NAPOWRIMO Day 23 Ekphrastic Poem

On a roll now to finish NAPOWRIMO at turtle-like speed! Today is an Ekphrastic poem, based on an artwork recently acquired by the Guggenheim Museum. This link should get you to the picture of the work that is located on the lower left  The work is by Lisa Oppenheim and is titled 'The Sun Is Always Setting Somewhere Else' from the year 2006. Here's my ekphrastic take on her work.

The Sun Is Always Setting Somewhere Else
~based on the work with the same title by Lisa Oppenheim, 2006

The sun is always setting somewhere else because
a human idea is at hand in it. Not just human hands
with the ability to travel and feel the sun more often.
Not just a picture of a setting sun held above the ocean
with its real time just-set sun as a humorous backdrop;
a picture within a picture. There is no judgment in achievement
formed from physical force. Spin, wobble, gravitational pull.
Master of shadowy tricks, the sun stays up all night.
It plays games with humans on the beach. The sun
warms us to reality; our sun never truly sets.

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