Friday, November 2, 2012

Electronic Submission Systems

Last night my inbox had a notice that my poetry submission to Foliate Oak was updated. So I clicked on the link which took me to the submission manager for Foliate Oak, Green Submissions. The notice read something to the effect that "your status has changed from pending to accepted". Great news, yes, except which poem(s) were accepted? All five? I have no way of knowing. Since I've edited an online journal I probably will not try to contact the editor to find out which poems were accepted. I remember how busy the editing can be, and I did not want to ask time-consuming questions.

The point of all this is mainly that Foliate Oak is one of my favorite journals. This is not the first poem they have accepted of mine and I trust them to let me know soon which one(s) were accepted. It's all part of the process of submission managers. It's definitely a process which requires patience, even thought it is much faster than snail mail submissions. One of the best parts of most submission managers including Green Submissions is that records are kept of every poem submitted by the poet. I think eventually the submission managers \will be able to let the poet know in the initial email which poems were accepted.

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