Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Read the original, masterful Ruth Stone poem titled Train Ride here: http://kepthoney.com/2011/08/22/train-ride-ruth-stone/

Poem Beginning with a Ruth Stone Line.

All things come to an end;
grandsons visiting at Easter;
fuzzy pussy willows, hot Augusts,
lilac blooms by the porch.

Some friends last forever;
a junior high red haired tom boy,
a quiet librarian, a daughter and son.
Do they last forever? 

Do kind acts change the world?
Planting native corn, undaming the river.
Time spent reading to a child; the child
reading back to me. Kind acts last forever.

All things come to an end. The stars fade
in the rose hues of dawn; frost takes the last flower.
Friends move off, or are lost. But the feeling,
the feeling lasts forever.

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